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Wr3d 20 by hhh

Fix two problems pls: 1 the caskets are invisible 2 in the wrestling career,after the first match,the game stips during the wrestling news part nd when u restart it the changes get to default. I have tried to download it but it is just taking my data and i really want to play it. Andro aera October 06, WR3D 2K19 for Android. This has more than unique things in WR3D. Most things included are remastered rendition of unique weapons officially accessible in WR3D.

It has genuine Titles in it. One of the greatest element and my most loved about this mod is its capacity to change fields without really supplanting them progressively. Without investing hours on APK Manager changing fields you can simply transform them from choices. Not between 10 or 15 fields, you can switch between 32 fields with no issue. Fighting games. You may like these posts.

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Raw W2k20 mod.Wrestling Revolution is nothing but a mobile game which is very popular and very addictive. So this game has amazing mods you guys can download from our website. If you guys want to download wr3d 2k20 Mod download when you guys can download it from our website very easily. Wrestling Revolution is nothing but everything here in which we need to fight with our phone and it has amazing features and amazing stuff which are very amazing.

Over all this game provide bus amazing fighting experience in it. So if you guys were finding some amazing fighting games for Android to play or if you guys were finding some amazing fighting high graphical Android games can you guys can download this game I must prefer to download wrestling revolution game for all of you guys.

This wrestling revolution game come up with amazing stuffs in it after playing this game with you guys are going to tell that this game is next level just because this can provide you and amazing experience. Also this game contains amazing controllers which help us to improve your gameplay quality and as you always know that this game is a fighting game then control in any fighting game matters a lot.

That is why must prefer to all of you guys to download this game because I personally have played this game and the controllers of this game is next level I personally love them a lot. The controllers of these games are literally user-friendly and easy to use easy to understand like every game controllers are difficult to understand but at the time of wrestling revolution game the controller too understandable. Now let's talk about wrestling revolution 3D came career mode.

This game are very popular game at the time in past because this can has provide you some career mode in game. As we all know that the friends of fighting game is specially of WWE game are a lot. And if you get a career mode in WWE games 10 this is the thing which we have to play right? Then if you guys want to play career mode in Wrestling Revolution 3D game then I would love to say that yes it is available in this game.

What Is Wrestling Revolution Mod Or wr3d 2k20 Mod Now let's talk about what is wr3d mod or what is wr3d 2K20 mod which is available for Android device and it is very high graphical mod which is available for our Android device we can actually download it and play it very easily by doing some simple steps.

Now wr3d 2K20 mod is a different kind of thing which came off with high graphics like we compare the normal wrestling revolution came to the wr 3D 2K 20 Mod game then there is a lot of difference where available we are going to discuss in below paragraph. If there is a new superstar where launch in WWE 2K 20 years that Superstar is available in this game.

These all are known as we are going to available in this WWE 2K20 mod. High graphics where provided just for to get the high gaming experience. New WWE superstar where updated in this mod. We can play with our new WWE favourite superstar. One versus one, handicap match, cage matches, royal Rumble matches, all type of match format where available in this mod.

All new Arena where updated with their texture. Just like rAW, smackDown, wrestlemania, hell in a Cell,etc. Amazing user-friendly controllers where provided for improving our gameplay. And for better gaming experience. We can customise or create our own WWE superstar of our name.

We can setup of custom signature and finisher move to that particular created superstar also. We can play the career mode in it. In which we can play on matches and make our career on the top in wrestling section of this game. New assessories like chairs, tables, ladders, fighting ring and the other accessories where updated their textures with high graphical format.Mod Features Moves like claymore kick,kinshasa are available in attacks and Moves like Style clash ,pop up clothsline, F6 are available in Rear moves button.

Go Anywhere in arena Go to setting select your arena to raw or smackdown then play your match then you can go even in backstage during match or in any part of arena. New Graphics Go to setting and turn the lighting on than play your match with sexy graphics. Hold Two titles On one wrestler Select your wrestler And click on first button Profile the change your body shape.

New weapons.


All new weapons and item added to mod. Click the button below to download. By clicking the button you will redirected to youtube video the download link will be in the description. Mod Made by Mangal Yadav. I am not allowing you to use my mod swf. Note for youtubers-if you want to create a video on this game than you can but you have to tell in the video that mod is made by me not you and provide this Blog link as the mod link do not provide the direct link. Labels: WR3Dwr3d best modwr3d gamewr3d mangal modwr3d modwr3d mod downloadwr3d networkwr3d new moveswr3d wwe modwr3d2k19 modww2k19wwe game.

Unknown June 22, at PM. Unknown June 26, at AM. Unknown July 12, at PM. Dani July 13, at AM. Ramraj Soren July 13, at AM. Unknown January 2, at PM. Unknown March 19, at PM. Unknown July 16, at AM. Unknown July 21, at PM. Unknown July 30, at AM. Unknown August 1, at PM. Unknown August 10, at AM. Unknown August 10, at PM. Unknown November 2, at PM.Advanced Blog. From this page, you can free download wrestling revolution 3d mod apk different latest versions for android, with pro license and backstage pass.

It is a very popular WWE like action fighting game developed by MDickie for professional wrestling lovers. The scripts, storylines, customizable characters, multiple modes, and hundreds of moves make this game extremely interesting. Hardcore wrestling fans love it because you can perform almost any hold, destroy furniture, climb the ladders, break the tables, and use any weapons. Wrestling Revolution 3d is the heavyweight king of wrestling games in play stores.

It is also lightweight small-sizedthat makes it run smoothly in every device. Note: Here, you will find three different types of mods three different versions that I collected from the internet. Also, I have added some tips for you at the end that will help you enjoy the game more after installing it. Wr3d has both paid and free versions with restrictions. In the free version, you cannot access the backstage pass and edit a character completely like a pro.

You will also not receive a pro license that will become an obstacle in your progress. You can only pick characters from Wrestling school while starting your career. Also, you cannot boost your character HP, powerups, and premium items.

It is just limited to how often do you play, and they will keep asking you to go online or buy the pro license, which you will find here.

We have still got the free version of the wrestling revolution below if you want to download it and see how it works. Download Features of Wrestling Revolution 3d Mod The following are the exciting features of wrestling revolution 3d mod:.

WR3D 2k19 by Mike for Android Download Now!

Use the following link to download the wrestling revolution 3d 1. The file size is So it will take a while to download depending on your internet speed. The characters have the exact same looks, as seen in World Wrestling Entertainment.

Plus, they have custom music with proper ring names and pyro techniques. The brands also have perfect logos and identity, as seen in the original TV show. You are almost there. Before downloading the wrestling revolution 3d mod, you had better learn how to install it.

Below are the steps to download and install WR3D mon on your android. I have uploaded a video below that will show you how to download the wrestling revolution 3d mod apk on your android phone. You would also want to bookmark this page now to receive updates in the future. The application is previously patched by the developers.

Just download the apk file from our website, and enjoy using the pro version of WR3D. I hope that this wrestling revolution 3d mod apk latest version download links worked. You can inform me of a broken link that is not working in the comments below. I am personally a huge fan of MDickie and WR3d. If you want him to continue working and make the game better, please purchase the original and official Backstage pass and license from Google Play Store.Account Options Sign in.

Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. A wrestling career challenges you to take shots in the ring, whereas a "booking" career allows you to call the shots backstage - promoting entertaining matches every week for ratings. Seeing each side of the curtain gives you an even better appreciation for the other, and ensures you'll never grow bored of wrestling again! Both modes are available to play for free, with the option to upgrade to enjoy the "Pro" experience with no ads or limitations.

And if playing Pro isn't enough, a separate "Backstage Pass" allows you to play God by saving your changes to all 9 rosters before pitting your immortals against each other in dream matches of your own creation!

You can also blow off steam with no pressure by revisiting the 8 weeks of supercards from the game's promotional tour. Not to mention the interactive training process that teaches you how to lock up in the first place. I regret that there's more to this game than I could ever fit in an app store description, so please consult the online guides for further reading: www.

Any similarity to real wrestlers or promotions is purely coincidental. Reviews Review Policy. You can always grant the "Storage" permission in your app settings as well. View details.

wr3d 20 by hhh

Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. More by MDickie See more.

wr3d 20 by hhh

Hard Time Prison Sim. Attempt to survive in a prison where every sentence is a death sentence! Wrestling Revolution. The original 2D wrestling game that started a mobile revolution!

See more. Booking Revolution. Instead of taking shots in the ring, start calling the shots backstage!


West Gunfighter. Candy Mobile.Thank you very much for the WWE 2K download link. WR3D download link.

wr3d 20 by hhh

Mujhe itna maza Aya koi arena hi nahi tha Yar koi to arena hona chahiye tha Jase money in the bank,fastlane etc jab ye arenas bane get to main khelo ga.

Click here to download wwe 2k17 wr3d. Post a Comment. Download wwe2k17 wr3d. Wwe 2k17 wr3d download with new Arena Wrestling 3D is a wrestling game. It is very popular game for Android. It is the biggest 3D wrestling sim on mobile featuring up to 20 wrestlers on lscreen. It is a 60 MB game.

The graphics of game is very nice and it is in 3D. I have some gameplay screenshots of " WR3D 2k17 " installed on my mobile. You can also play this game on low RAM mobile. It contains many signature moves of wrestlers.

I also play this game and enjoy it. I I bet you will also like this game after playing it. If you want download this game, follow my steps that are below:. Click here to download wwe 2k17 wr3d Want to download WR3D 2k19 instead?? Click here to download WR3D 2K And install it. Then launch the game, it take up to 30 to 40 seconds to loading. It is a wr3d game. This game is firstly edited by shortboy hhh and then I edited its arenas.

If you like this game, please comment. Games world wrestling 3d WR3D. Star Mike 28 July at Rahul 22 June at Unknown 13 February at Unknown 23 February at Unknown 7 April at Rahul 14 July at Unknown 15 May at Rahul 17 July at Unknown 1 September at Unknown 4 April at If you want to download WR3D 2k19 apk for your android then you come at right place.

So to solve this problem some developers starts creating WR3D MOD that includes real arena, characters by doing some modification and made it look like real WWE licences game available to play for free of cost.Username or Email Address. Remember Me. The WR3D 20 mod has lots of things to talk about. It has all new and old moves of every superstar, every superstar has his own entrance, lots of errors and bugs are fixed in this version and it is available for Android and PC. I have played this game on Android only and my experience is good.

It takes a few minutes to load in starting and when loading completes it run perfectly. The graphics of this game are much better than their previous versions. In the Android version, My Career and GM mode are not working and it will be fixed in later versions. You should download the high-end version of this game if you have a good flagship device like OnePlus 7. Download and credit section.

What are your thoughts and experience with this new Android game? Share your opinions on the comment section and you can also ask your queries in the comment section.

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