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We will be spending the last three days of our trip in Naples. Are there any neighborhoods we should definitely avoid due to crime? From personal experiance, I would say theQuartieri Spagnoli.

Petty crime like getting robbed can happen anywhere in Napoli because the thieves go everywhere, including the nice areas too. The general rule on the street is that you can go anywhere in Napoli as long as you're not wearing a gold watch and a nice Rolex-type watch.

If you're planning to take photographs in the picturesque 'old quarters' I would suggest using a non-descript disposable camera - not one of the fancy expensive ones - and not a digital You're going to stand out as a tourist anyway - especially if you're tall and blond!

You can get the photos put on a CD for your computer, when you get them developed. Always carry bags and 'valuables' between yourself and a companion - or nearest the wall, when walking along the pavement. Don't carry bags on your vulnerable side, at the edge of the pavement or on the side nearest the road in the old quarter there aren't any pavements, the whole street is just large slabs of, slippery when wet, volcanic stone set like cobbles. Wear the bag strap across the body.

Who needs jewellery on holiday? Adorn yourself with a fresh flower, or 'fun' jewellery that's cheap and cheerful - and no loss to lose. Get a cheap watch - so long as it keeps time, who cares if it's not valuable? You won't, because they won't even bother to steal it. If you're still the sort of traveller who buys travellers cheques then ensure that you carry your own ID but arrange to carry each others cheques or other item for which identity is required because - with any luck - only one of you may be robbed - and then they can't do anything with the ID or the paperwork, because the thieves will have the wrong ID for the documentation Of course, that means you can't use the paperwork either Just stay aware and alert - but enjoy yourselves without getting carried away with the beauty and liveliness of it all out there so that you become distracted We were going to spend two days in Napolibut after reading all these posts, we decided to avoid it altogether.

We are not only taking a camera, but we're also taking a camcorder so we can sit back and enjoy all the wonderful things that we record. Napoli is not that important to me on this trip. That's a shame, Naples is well worth visiting, just be vigilent, the same can be said of any big City. Also many other users have talked about the Spanish Quartiers and their dangers: but in the entire historical centre is advisable being prudent.

Infact also this is an area of poverty and, unfortunately, of crimes, so be always careful to not take with you hi-tech products or other expensive goods jewelry, watches etc. Therefore there are many others areas in which you'll can be totally safe, such as Chiaia and the Piazza del Plebiscito area, the Via de Mille one and Posillipo. For TravelLover: Naples is a city which well woth a visitThe feeling we got is of a stratification, where different eras lean, piled one over the other, unchanged, untouched.

The pair also explain how the city bears the reminders of abandoned post-war construction sites and the aftermath of a severe earthquake in the 80s. In Forcella and the adjoining neighbourhoods this time warp scenario is particularly evident. These places lie in the oldest heart of the city, places often avoided by tourists.

One of the biggest factors unearthed during their assignment was the amount of poverty they came across, yet what also shone through was a sense of determination, creativity and survival.

Poverty and mafia, of course. From renting a couple of used umbrellas at the beach to drug smuggling. The most intimate and touching moments came as the boundaries between foreigner and local were broken down. Under the rind, the thick skin forged by a hard survival routine, still survives a kindness and ingenuity, a precious spontaneity rarely found elsewhere. When given the opportunity, when some emotional bridge is created, people are ready to share their humanity.

We kept learning this lesson while doing our documentary work. To us it is crucial to get entwined with the story we're recounting and with the people involved. Dazed media sites. Photography Lightbox. Photography Lightbox Italy Photo Books mafia crime.The first time Emanuele Sibillo was arrested he was the police raided his house in the Forcella district in Naples while he was trying to get rid of two guns. Sibillo was in and out of prison throughout the following few years.

Among the young inmates, he stood out for his ability to command respect and for reading books and newspapers. When he turned 18 inhe prepared for the next big step: rebelling against the old Camorra clans of the Neapolitan mafia to take over the whole city.

forcella naples

Since the early s, Italian authorities have arrested hundreds of Camorra bosses and, with the old mobsters either murdered or behind bars, children and young adults such as Sibillo have begun taking their place. The phenomenon was the subject of La Paranza Dei Bambinia novel by the Italian writer Roberto Savianowhose bestselling non-fiction work Gomorrah, published a decade earlier, had shone a light on the Camorra and resulted in him being granted round-the-clock police protection.

Paranza translates as a small fishing boat but, in Camorra lingo, it refers to a criminal group led by youngsters or small fish. Saviano refers to these children — many of whom carry 9mm revolvers by the age of 15 or 16 — as piranhas.

forcella naples

These guys know their moment will never come [otherwise]. The result is a neverending state of war among Camorra clans for territorial control, a war now taken over by the paranze.

With generational change has come a change in style. They wear hipster-style beards and race through the alleyways of Naples on scooters like packs of wild dogs.

Forcella: the deepest guts of Naples by Jean Marc Caimi and Valentina Piccinni

And they shoot. One man was shot in simply because he asked for a cigarette. One young mafia member placed under surveillance was overheard on a wiretap screaming with joy about a new gun. Last summer, the court of appeal in Naples sentenced 42 members of two paranze from the Forcella and Decumani districts to a combined years in prison.

Saviano said the the existence of the paranze was partly a product of poor social policies and the failure of state institutions including schools.

Giovanni Melillo, the chief prosecutor in Naples, said the gangs were widespread in the city, where young people are recruited based on their ability for violence.

InSibillo was 18 and considered the baby godfather of the Forcella district. A year later, he was dead, the victim of an attack by members of a rival clan.

Topics Italy. Mafia Europe features.It is important that people know the places to avoid while visiting Naples. Most people would like to tour Naples Italy and have a good time in various hotels. However, not all places are safe and hence people should be aware of this.

This will help one to avoid many dangerous and enjoy their visit. People are advised to know these places before making a booking for any vacation. Most hotels provide the tourists with a beautiful view, but some places need to be avoided such as parks at night. Tourists should also be careful and have car insurances.

Car insurances ensure that you are compensated as car injuries are common in Naples.

forcella naples

The most dangerous place in Naples where cars encounter injuries is the Amalfi coast. In Naples tours, individuals are also warned about robbers who ride on motorcycles.

Some Naples abusive taxi rides are also dangerous, and one should take caution. In Naples Italy, luggage is often stolen from the train. One should, therefore, take good care of their luggage. Another dangerous zone is Piazza Garibaldi.

This place is seedy especially at night. There are many cases where people get pick pocketed at this place. We also have many business men at this place selling fake items. Another dangerous neighbourhood to be avoided by tourists is forcella at night. Tourists should also be cautious and avoid visiting pappacoda.

This region has funerary monuments of the pappacodas. Tourists should also be aware that naples is hilly. It is advisable to consult with the locals who will guide you on how to walk up the hills. Among the hilly places, we have Capodimonte. The cabbies are also known to bring tourists in safety areas.This includes info about cleaning, sanitizing, social distancing, and usage of personal protective equipment. Learn more. My son lives in Boston and we met for dinner.

I went back because I was daydreaming about the duck for two weeks. It was so good!

The Forcella district: the heart of the historic center of Naples

My friend enjoyed her salmon and quail app, and the wine was great. I love Forcella. It was awesome! We went for my birthday and it was such a great experience. First time at Forcella and can't wait to go back, We throughly enjoy our meals.

Intimate images of Naples’ most mafia-ridden town

We were a party of 5. One vegetarian, one who doesn't eat pasta and we all found something super delicious! We were outside in their courtyard socially distant from the other diners.

Our server was friendly and attentive. Thank you for a great night. Forcella has become a favorite for Italian food. Service is great, food is fresh and delicious, the wine recommendations are perfect. Would highly recommend the dining experience at this cozy restaurant. Best outdoor atmosphere in private courtyard.

So beautiful. Food was delicious. Meatball appetizer was great.The church was founded in under the patronage of Queen Sancha of Aragon. The queen and her husband were very devout; and Sancha herself entered a monastery of the Poor Clares after her husband's death.

The church and attached buildings served as a Madgalen asylummeant to shelter donne di mondo convertite prostitutes. The function of the convent as a home for fallen women was later pursued mostly by Santa Maria Maddalenaand this church became attached to a small nunnery for aristocratic women.

The church underwent reconstructions in by Gabriele d'Agnoloand in by Dionisio Lazzari. The latter reconstruction gave the church its present Baroque appearance. The original facade faced the piazza dell'Olmo, and it is also sometimes named with the suffix all'Olmo.

The interior is decorated with polychrome marble by Nicola Tagliacozzi Canale. The presbytery displays paintings by Paolo de Maio. The elaborate main altar was completed by Gennaro Ragozzinoand hosts an altarpiece depicting First communion of Santa Maria Egiziaca by Andrea Vaccaro. The second chapel on the right has an altarpiece depicting Virgin of the Rosary and Saints by Fabrizio Santafede. Naples has another church dedicated to Santa Maria Egiziaca Saint Mary of Egypt who died in the fourth century on a hill of Pizzofalcone, which has the name of the church is Santa Maria Egiziaca a Pizzofalcone.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Church in Campania, Italy. La chiese di Napoli Volume II.

Camorra child gangsters replace omertà with social media boasting

Naples: Tipografia Fu Migliaccio. Dates the Vaccaro painting to Categories : Churches in Naples Baroque architecture in Naples 17th-century Roman Catholic church buildings Roman Catholic churches completed in establishments in Italy.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. Chiesa di Santa Maria Egiziaca a Forcella. Naples Province of NaplesCampania. Roman Catholic. Baroque architecture. Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Naples.Forcella is one of the most characteristic neighborhoods in all of Naples.

Rich in history, culture and tradition, it has been a place of great importance and mysticism since the times of the ancient Greeks. The very origins of the name of the district of Forcella refer precisely to the aforementioned mysticism, in fact, it is said that the Greeks drew the neighborhood precisely on the letter Y which resembles a forka letter linked to the origin of the universe and of life itselfas well as the Pythagorean school which had its headquarters here.

A sign of the passage of the Greeks is the famous "Cippo a Forcella", an excerpt of what were the walls of the Greek city, from which derives the famous Neapolitan phrase "s'arricord or cipp in Forcella" to indicate something very old. Today Forcella is an exaltation of the Neapolitan culture. They range from art as such to culinary and judicial art, passing through gigantic and remarkable architectures.

forcella naples

Forcella has been a neighborhood populated by the richest Neapolitan families, so art and architecture were also affected: the most famous Real Casa dell'Annunziata, a complex of buildings that enclose a basilica, a hospital, a convent and a hospice orphans, which today houses the pediatric and gynecological hospital of the Annunziata, or the church of Santa Maria Egiziacathe best example of Neapolitan baroque, which today houses the Ascalesi hospital, and it must to be visit Castel Capuano, the Pio Monte della Misericordia, etc.

In addition to the architecture, works of great Neapolitan artists of the past centuries are preserved here, on all the works of Luca Giordanobut the neighborhood also hosts the work of the street-artist, Jorit Agochcalled Gennarowhich depicts the patron saint of Naples on a building at the entrance to the neighborhood.

In reference to San Gennaro, in Forcella, is preserved the ancient treasure of San Gennaro in the homonymous museum. Forcella is a treasure chest where Neapolitan life lives and remains alive so much that, among the various arts that the walls of the neighborhood protect, there is also the culinary one. The quintessential pizza district, some of the oldest Neapolitan pizzerias can be found right here, but another typical treasure of the neighborhood is: ice cream.

Indeed, just a stone's throw from the famous "cippo" is the most famous historical ice cream shop in Naples: "Al Polo Nord" ice cream parlor. Established in the s, it is still today a family business, having reached the fourth consecutive generation, to conserve around 80 years of tradition. A tasty and creamy ice creamdifficult to imitate and still prepared with the most traditional processing techniques, in spite of the innovations of modern industry that tend to approve everything.

An artisanal and traditional ice cream that still today attracts rivers of people who cannot miss this delicacy, symbol of artisan and culinary Naples. And you? What are you waiting for? Come to Forcella, discover the neighborhood and taste the historic ice cream of Naples. The Forcella district: the heart of the historic center of Naples. In questo articolo si parla di:. Even the Romans had great regard for this area so much so that in this area the Sebastas were practiced, a sort of Olympic games in honor of the emperor Augustus.

However, even the Neapolitans have never scorned this neighborhood so much that the noble Naples decided to settle here, including Queen Giovanna II of Naples. Seguici sulla nostra pagina Facebook. Ti consigliamo. Lascia un commento.


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