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Factorio factory designs

When you have enough materials to craft furnaces, you are advised to pick automatic fueling. Combine ore and coal by using the dual Line technique.

Regular or even Burner Inserters will load furnaces. Have more technology for this design. The power poles in the middle power all inserters on the central line. It uses splitter to combine ore and coal on a half side of the belt. You can add a space between furnaces to maintain power poles. Steel takes 5 times to process as iron Plates. So, you can receive the Iron Plate production. Mirror on the opposite side if you need more production. This design can save space and generate max use of Fast Inserters.

Create some tiny blueprints to complete the main structure first.

Tutorial:Nuclear power

Add power poles and inserters manually. The design uses 3 Copper Wire Assemblers. It can facilitate having very long columns of green circuit production. While Iron and Copper move left, circuits will go to the right. It can distribute materials effectively. The chests between assemblers will start as iron.

They will be improved to turn into Passive Providers and Requesters after that. They require a very large amount of circuits to craft. Long-Arms can lunge from the belt of half Advanced Circuits, half greens. Sulfuric Acid Flows between buildings. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. Updating designs for v0. Easilly tileable and upgradeable designs. Compact oil refinery setup for advanced oil processing. Compact designs for green, red and blue circuits. Compact belts manufacturing facility. Destroyer capsules Nuclear Power, Kovarex's magic, railroad grid This item has been added to your Favorites. Created by. Stormstrider Offline. Guide Index. Furnace starting setup.

Factorio[0.17] - Modular Train Base Showcase

Furnace midgame setup.Privacy Terms. Skip to content. Factorio Forums www. Quick links. It produces 0. Watch it in action: Or download the map: 13x9-micro-factory. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Tech Tree. My solution is to deconstruct the refinery to destroy unwanted liquids. I replace the refinery with a chemical plant to process the liquids left in pipes.

When the pipes are empty, I rebuild the refinery, and the loop repeats. Rocket fuel: rocket-fuel. Koub - Please consider English is not my native language. I remember that you used a constant combinator for the deconstruction. Filtered deconstruction makes it easy to avoid important buildings like the roboport and steam turbine. There is one point where I want to deconstruct the steam tubine, so I have to use a constant combinator to do that.

I'm going watch that video quite a few times I think Also from your sig brilliant tech tree! I guess I can just copy-paste the setup times and have a 1k SPM base. Keep doing you, Dave. Unfortunately it doesnot do anything except showing the elapsed time. Is there something I didnot do?

But at least I feel less stupid now that I realized I never could have done this I see you are using just pipes as a storage for some fluids, instead of using storage tanks. Way smaller capacity, but less space used, and for things like lubricant it appears to be sufficient, especially if you switch back and forth between blueprints. Board index All times are UTC.I've played some Factorio over the past few years, typically spending long hours building up my automated factory, eventually realizing I didn't plan it very well, staring glumly at the tangled mess of resource-carrying conveyor belts for a while, then starting a new game to try to build a better one based on the lessons I learned.

Not so for Redditor Zytukin.

Early Access Game

Rather than start over on a new map like I always do, Zytukin took the time to demolish and rebuild the areas that needed fixing. Zytukin was nice enough to answer some of my questions over email, and send me a saved game so I could take a little run through the factory for myself. Well, not a little run: it takes ages to run through it because it's incredibly massive.

Here I am sprinting through the spawling solar panel farm:. Zytukin agrees that besides building everything, one of the toughest parts of working on such a massive project is simply getting from one end of the factory to the other. Alien life in Factorio grows hostile when pollution from your factory drifts over their nests, at which point they'll attack both you and your machines. With such a huge factory, were the natives a problem?

Above you can see me launching one of Zytukin rockets—mainly because I've never advanced to rocket silo technology in my own games. And not to worry, there are plenty of spare rocket silos, as you can see. I also asked if Zytukin used mods or console commands. Among the list of mods Zytukin uses are FAT Controller it lets you remotely control trainsLandfill which lets you change water tiles to landForeman a blueprint management modBlueprint Flipper lets you mirror your blueprints Color Coding you can color code trains based on what they're haulingand Launch Control for launching rockets automatically.

Below you can see a few more images of the hour factory, and the full gallery with descriptions here. As for Zytukin's plans for the future:. That's what's nice about a sandbox game with a nearly unlimited map. You can just build non-stop until the game engine or your computer can't handle it anymore. Only time will tell how the factory looks after another hours. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Christopher Livingston.

factorio factory designs

See comments. Topics Sim.In other languages:. Nuclear power is a major new feature introduced in version 0. It requires higher level technology compared to either solar power or steam boiler power, but it offers very high power output in exchange.

It's a great solution for middle- to end-game power generation and it works well in combination with other power generation techniques. This guide is written for people who want to know exactly how nuclear power works, but don't necessarily want all the solutions.

It focuses on what you should do and what you should know to get Nuclear up and running, but doesn't tell you what to do or exactly how to solve the problems. To start, you'll need uranium ore. It glows green, so you can't miss it.

It tends to form smaller deposits, though, and you may have to search a while to find a good patch. Like every other ore in the game, you can mine it with an Electric mining drill. Unlike every other ore, however, only the Electric mining drill will do. You also need to supply sulfuric acid to the drill.

The drills conduct excess acid through themselves, so a row of drills can be supplied by acid from a single side. Once you've got raw uranium ore, you'll need to process it into uranium and uranium You do this in a centrifuge. In an un-moduled centrifugeyou can process ten ore every 12 seconds. Centrifuges produce a combination of U the light green stuff and U the dark green stuff. Every ten ore processed have a chance to become precisely one of these two products.

Out of every 10k ore you process, you can expect to get, on average:. That means you can roughly expect to get a single U in one out of every ore.

A centrifuge can then be expected to produce U every seconds. Later on, this won't matter so much. However, when you first start out, this will be an important bottleneck. Before you can burn it in a nuclear reactor, you need to create uranium fuel cells.

You'll probably be using an assembling machine 2, so these will take The neat and compact furnace setups for the starting phase in Factorio download game with the yellow belt, mid-game with the red belt, and end game with blue belt and beacons.

There are designs that players can upgrade them easily. Aside from that, we also talk about the compact oil refinery setup for advanced oil processing, compact belts manufacturing facility, destroyer capsules, etc.

This guide is implemented with a single furnace setup. The name of the guide has changed from the furnace guide to general compact setups. New building ideas are also intended to add irregularly. It is a simple and compact smelting block which is suitable for the beginning of Factorio steam. It is able to liquefy a full yellow belt of ore and turn them into plates. Ore and coal will be input on the belts from the bottom right.

You need to have a sidenote 26 electric miners to fill a yellow belt with ore. This design can be upgraded for mid-game when steel furnaces are available. This is the first example which is improved with steel furnaces and red belt.

It can melt completely a full red belt of ore, which is the mining yield of 52 electric drills. Remember that on the lower right corner, the ore is moved in on the red belt and coal on the yellow one. And you have to extract a larger scale. For the large scale smelting at the late Factorio download game, you can use a neat, space-efficient, tileable, and module customizable electric smelting block.

According to this, the block is centered at a substation powering 8 electric furnaces and 10 beacons that creating the bulk of the design. The ore will be fed through the lower belt. The completed plates will be deposited on the upper belt.

When you melt enough blocks and or modules, the output belt will be compressed because of how the mechanics of dropping items on the underground belts runs. Oil Refinery is designed to refine incoming crude oil into petroleum gas applying the advanced oil processing and cracking recipes due to most of the recipes need gas. But, some of them just need heavy and light oil such as the lubricant, flamethrower fuel, and solid fuel.

And so, the design has the output for them. It uses a large number of underground pipes to accomplish a compact design without making pipes become complex. This image contains the color coded the underground pipes so as to support recreating the plan.

Crude oil is black, water is blue, heavy oil is brown, light oil is yellow and gas is white. Heavy and light oil are useful when pumps only provide the cracking processes if the storage tanks are excess. The pump is linked to the suitable tank with a red network wire.

If the factory needs a large demand for the lubricant, you can use the basic oil for it. This setup will take 10 crude oil per second and outputs like:. Besides, you can use production modules to refine the oil. Level 3 production ones can reduce the intake from 10 to 7 crude oil units per second while the max gas output will only decrease from 9 to 7. Basic green circuits in Factorio steam can be built at the start.

They are very easily upgradable after that when you want to expand production. There are three stages of upgrade including basic setup, a red belt output, and a blue belt output. A basic unit of circuit manufacturing should have three assemblers.

factorio factory designs

This design will have four of the essential units around a central output underground belt.Keep safe, be healthy, and stay creative during this uncertain time. T-shirts, stickers, wall art, home decor, and more featuring designs by independent artists. Find Factorio gifts and merchandise printed on quality products that are produced one at a time in socially responsible ways. Sell your art. Factorio 15 Results. Tags: coffee, cup of coffee, recipe, crafting recipe, ingredient list, automation, automated crafting, raw materials, item, inventory, factoonio, landmine, factory, factorio, satisfactory.

Cup of Coffee Recipe Classic Mug. By Landmine Tags: coffee, cup of coffee, hot chocolate, hot cocoa, cup of hot chocolate, cup of hot cocoa, recipe, crafting recipe, ingredient list, automation, automated crafting, raw materials, item, inventory, factoonio, landmine, factory, factorio, satisfactory. Tags: video game, video, game, games, gamer, factorio, building, management, construction, indie, small, hipster. Factorio Logo Sticker. By elcross Tags: astroneer, gaming, steam, logo, gradient, minimalist, subnautica, space, video games, controller, console, factorio.

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Tags: tea, cup of tea, recipe, crafting recipe, ingredient list, automation, automated crafting, raw materials, item, inventory, factoonio, landmine, factory, factorio, satisfactory.

factorio factory designs

Cup of Tea Recipe Classic Mug. Tags: factorio, factory, wube, gaming, games, indie, management, simulation, steam, biter, inserter, reddit.

factorio factory designs

The Factory must grow Art Print. By MGakowski. Tags: tea, cup of tea, hot chocolate, hot cocoa, cup of hot chocolate, cup of hot cocoa, recipe, crafting recipe, ingredient list, automation, automated crafting, raw materials, item, inventory, factoonio, landmine, factory, factorio, satisfactory.

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